The World is Yours

--Ali Senescall

We’re all at the opening just thinking about the show and these are our thoughts

The World is Yours, Le Monde Est-A Vous, a translation of mirror lines from Scarface and La Haine, both an innocuous detail that ended up as widely circulated screenshots on a dashboard. I suppose these films are also mirror images of each other too; of alienated men and violence as ramification of alienation. The works create a symbolic order glazed in resin, preserved like Walt Disney's body cased in ice, ready to be thawed twenty years into the future for the next generation to discover and immortalise. Instagram 2.0 or whatever will be invented then.

Screenshots of Thirteen, #vintagecinema. Ali looks at pop culture like you look at your Letterboxd reviews. Remember that bootleg Disney t-shirt you bought from the Jay-Jays bargain bin. The superman T-shirts, wonder woman, the union jack at Supre etc. Lowbrow iconography and highbrow indie cinema is such a sexy combination. Because we’re all dirtbags at the end of the day

Smile to show how candid you are, future butterfly, everybody knows, you only live a day but it’s brilliant anyway. I'm a lover, I’m a joker, I’m an empath.

This reminds me to re-watch the blowjob scene in Brown Bunny. Now I’m thinking about how I watched Hunter Biden getting a footjob while smoking crack last week. It was so disgusting but I couldn’t take my eyes away. You couldn’t either, but we watched them because we felt a sick desire to do so.

I guess I watch movies because I enjoy them. I feel a weird pressure to fit in and to understand references that other people talk about. Just like I can’t stand the anxiety of films. Especially good films. I have to look up the endings to calm myself down. I’ve seen every movie through a Wikipedia plot description. For every genuine media consumption there is a little voice in the back of my head telling me that I’ll be able to tell people about this. My favourite movie is a five second TikTok.

I wish I understood all of these references, I literally don’t get anything. Like yeah, it looks cool but whatever. I need to get another beer, I'm so confused.

Text by Romily Marbrook