The Apparent Path

--Tom Tuke

‘Bird on a Wire’ Meaning Sought 2021

Up the Elephant 2021

Top- Darlings! Darlings! 2021

Bottom- Brummy Attic 2021

Pitylos, Rhothios, Pitylos, Rhothios 2019

Horses crash Jade Stadium gates, escape 2021

Over the Moon 2021

And then she turned back into the sun 2021

progress 2021

Tom Tuke is an artist, radio broadcaster, teacher and puppeteer from Tāmaki Makaurau.

In this new series of works, Tuke presents drawings which are ruminations on leisure, death, cycles, metaphor, relationships, money, memory, time, balance, worship, art, and the ability/inability to change direction once there is momentum. Represented are allusory recreations of events in the artist's life, as well as dreams and feelings converted into scenes. Highways, imperial architecture and ideologies, manners and expectations, are all stirred together to determine where the scene is going. The various subjects are on compromised and infeasible paths. Will the horses escape the stadium? Will the driver complete a u-turn? How to break from the trajectory?

The drawings are frottages, made by rubbing graphite over household objects and textures. The process allows for the direct borrowing of surface from cutlery, crockery, coins, tools, shells, fabric and leaves, which Tuke has used to make these works without any single freely-formed line.