Crystal Ball

Hannah Lawn, Priscilla Howe & Anna Bensky

Becca and the Christmas Lillies 2020, by Hannah Lawn
Quiet as a Mouse 2 2020 & Pate 2020, by Priscilla Howe
Games Night 2020, by Anna Bensky
Beyond the Mountains 2020, by Priscilla Howe
At the end of the hall 2020 & Quiet as a Mouse 2 2020
Three in the Bed 2020 & Sleeping in 2020, by Hannah Lawn
Addington 2019

Through the crystal ball you can see your future surmised in short cautionary tales. Your dismal face stares back out the orb, and the fortune teller says this might be you. The future shown is a phantasmic carnival.

The fortune tellers summoned silhouettes tell the story of a subtracted figure whose missing detail cuts their shape in a scene. They narrate without imposing more than a shape to place them in the story. Loud and quiet communicators appear together, and they both fill in for the details the other leaves out. The quiet projections keep anonymity and the sharp delimitation of the silhouette, so anyone can be cast in their shape.

Untitled 2020, by Hannah Lawn
Untitled 2017, by Hannah Lawn